Professional Certification in Vastu Shastra

Professional Certification in Vastu Shastra

“It is a final touch everyone needs”

Vastu Shastra is a Hindu system of constructing the architects. The exact meaning of Vastu Shastra is “science of architecture.” Nature, earth, sun, planets and stars all emit some forces and energy which affect living beings. But if the habitable places are built according to Vastu Shastra, these energies make positive effects on us.

A good Vastu Shastra Course will help you master this science. It will remove all the myths about Vastu Shastra.
There are a huge number of benefits of a Vastu Shastra Course. Most people believe and it is scientifically proven as wee, that by constructing the architects as per Vastu Shastra, people living in there feel comfort, strengthened and peaceful. It enhances one’s personality as well as the relationship with others. Vastu Shastra ensures the best use of space, ultimately making it easy to use.
We help career aspirants to master the science of Vastu so that they can help construct a home favoured with peace, positivity and spirituality…!!

DURATION: 2 Months

CERTIFICATION: Times and Trends Academy

Course Curriculum

Introduction: Meaning of vastu-shastra, history of vastu-shastra, five elements of vastu-shastra, 8 directions- their positive and negative effects. Direction of entrance of vastu using compass, planning and drawing, finding the center of vastu and house, warming of vastu with Vastu-purush.

Residential Vastu: Plot the various areas of the house like living room, kitchen. Bedroom, store room, basement, etc. Placement of all the furniture like shoe rack, cash box, Cupboard, beds, etc.

Commercial Vastu: Office, Grocery store, medical stores, jewelry shops, beauty parlors.

Remedies: Pyramid Therapy.

Note: The course curriculum changes as per the latest industry trends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you think there aren’t enough career opportunities in this field?

  • With increased industrialization and urbanization, Vastu Shastra has become a profitable career.
  • A beginner can earn between 35,000 to 50,000 per month and an experienced person can earn between 70,000 to 1,50,000 per month.
  • The Vastu Shastra Course offers attractive money, recognition, respect and fame.

Am I at the right place, doing the right course?

Vastu Shastra Course at Times and Trends Academy (TTA), is a complete course for aspirants who want to make a name in Vastu Shastra field. The two months of Vastu Shastra Course will help you master Vastu Shastra and assure a highly paid job as you pass out.

So, enroll with the unique Vastu Shastra Course and begin your journey of a lucrative career.

Am I getting enough from this course?

  • Theoretical lectures with latest updated syllabus
  • Expert Coaching by teachers with rich experience
  • Lectures from experts in vastu-shastra domain
  • Short workshops, practical projects, site visits for better understanding

Are you in a dilemma whether you will be placed or not after this course?

Come to Times and Trends Academy, Learn from the experts and get a placement for sure!!

Yes, our students get 100% placements if they have 80% attendance record and 50 % average marks in their respective course. We are really happy to have a 97% placement record!!

These are the students who have witnessed our genuine efforts of offering a highly paid career to the willing aspirants.

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